Getting Started

August 21, 2017
My husband has a conference for work in Las Vegas every year the week before school starts. Every year, I am taken aback at how shitty my kids behave while he is gone. They bicker constantly, nag, wrestle. They are sick of each other and I am sick of them.

And, of course, I still have those super fun back to school tasks left to tackle during this week – buying school supplies, new shoes, clothes. This year, I thought things might be different. Why, you ask, would anything be different? Well, dear friend, I very naively thought that because this year I am a “Stay at Home Mom” everything would magically be better. Not necessarily “magically,” I don’t necessarily believe in magic, but I really did fanatasize about all of the things I would get done, how much I would cook, how much we would travel . . . Not to mention my fantasy workout schedule! It was quite the life I pictured. But, the truth is, my house is still a mess, all of our meals are not made from scratch and perfectly healthy, and I still haven’t framed the pictures I was supposed to frame a year ago, or renewed everyone’s passport, or even culled through all of the old files in the room formally known as my office.

So, as we approach the new school year, and I am still without a job, I need to re-do my to-do list and find something adult to do with myself that contributes to society in some way (and does not involve any direct contact with my children). Hence, the launch of this blog (and maybe even a podcast someday) to explore Mommy’s Gap Year, what women do when they step out of the workforce to focus on their family; how and when they re-enter the workforce, and associated difficulties and perhaps, lessons learned. I plan to share my own experiences, hopefully with a fair amount of humor, and also talk to women with diverse backgrounds about their own “gap year.”

Thoughts? Comments?