What’s a BAMR you ask? Bad Ass Mother Runner. Bold I know. I have been hesitant to even call myself a runner, let alone a badass one.

As I have mentioned before, the books, podcasts, training plans and general support from the Another Mother Runner ladies has kept me on track (pun intended). The training plans have been great and the community that comes with them have been great for advice and encouragement. Even more important for me have been the podcasts. I am not one to run with others very often, so the voices of my Podcasts have become my running pals. So, when one of the AMR ladies, Sarah, posted on social media earlier this year calling for mother runners in the Portland area (where Sarah lives) to model some new AMR gear for a photo shoot, I immediately volunteered. I was absolutely thrilled to join Sarah and several other area mother runners for a rainy day photo shoot. I was so fan girl excited when I pulled up and saw SBS, I almost couldn’t contain myself as I literally leaped from my car to introduce myself. One of my podcast “friends” in real life?!

It was also a nice little reminder that I AM a runner. Like a a lot of women, I spent the first few years saying, “I am not a REAL runner. I am just someone who runs sometimes.”

Recently AMR announced that they are looking for mother runners to be BAMRbassadors, ambassadors for the organization to represent them at race booths, help with social media, etc. The position is unpaid but those chosen will receive free gear. Sign me up! I was not alone – 350 women applied! The 33 chosen women were announced yesterday and today. I will admit, as I read the brief quotes from each woman and looked at their pictures (announced here and here), I again thought that I am way out of my league. Who are these Super Moms?! 4 kids, 10 kids, single moms, ultra runners, triathletes – These BAMRs are amazing and indeed badass!

I am not an ultra runner or a triathlete. I will not be winning any races. I won’t be qualifying for Boston anytime soon. But I am doing alright as a Mother Runner. I am accomplishing my goals. I am a master of fitting runs in – during practices, tournaments and meets, before the kids are up, and when they are at school; when my husband is out of town and when I am out of town; with the kids and hubs, and without. I worry that I am setting a bad example by not working but I know my commitment to running sets a standard that will inspire them to set and reach their goals.

I know not everyone is a runner. Surely there are a lot of hobbies out there for badass moms, though? Why not badass knitters? Bikers? Swimmers? What makes us so badass? That we take time away from our families, work and other responsibilities, yet we still make it all work:)

Thoughts? Comments?