The Neglected Blog

I asked myself, “What happens when no one posts to a blog for three years?” Do people still see the blog? Does it even exist if no one reads, posts or comments?

Answer: It lives! But only kinda, sorta. Like a soul not ready to transition, the blog sits in the internet wilderness, waiting to be read, to grow. Occasionally the site goes down. Links stop working. Its abrupt end leaves a few wondering, “What happened? Did the gap year end? Did she lose interest in writing? Did she get a job?”

Indeed, she got a job. And the past three years have flown by. And I am still wholly unsatisfied with my career, family and life balance. But something happened to me at the end of 2020. I had enough. I pulled together all the strands of life I was unhappy with and set myself on a new path, with defined goals and timelines. I bought plane tickets. I set my oldest up with an SAT study plan. I committed to workouts and social hours with my mother runners group.

And then, this weekend, during a family weekend in the woods, I finally had a flash of inspiration for my next career steps (more to come on that!). In thinking about what’s next, I realized that I spent too much time during my gap year worrying about my next “job” instead of focusing on what path, what type of position, what skill building, would make me happy.

I realized that I didn’t do such a great job with this blog. The purpose was to share my journey to help others negotiate this vulnerable time of life. I don’t think I did that. So, I am back.

And it turns out when a blog is abandoned in the wilderness, it just sits, waiting for your return.

Thoughts? Comments?