About Me

004_dolph_070516 3I launched Mommy’s Gap Year in 2017 to explore why women take a break from their careers and how they relaunch after such a break. I am a mom of 3, wife, runner and lawyer by trade who is currently paid to be a policy wonk. I am passionate about supporting working women, moms and all those who aspire to an intentioned life.

For me, taking a break from a career that had been central to my identity for almost 20 years was HARD. I was desperate for a community of women who were in a similar position. I found tons of mom groups for stay at home moms with babies, but I could not find a group for moms of school age children who just up and quit their career once all of said children finally got to be school age! So, I started Mommy’s Gap Year to give me an outlet and to support other women in a similar space.